Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pets are becoming extremely popular in today's culture. If you’re fortunate enough to own one or more exotic pet, let us help you with their care. At City Vets in Pittsburgh, we have ample experience in exotic pet care. We’ll work with you to keep your exotic companion healthy and happy throughout the years.


What Is an Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are rare or uncommon animals that people choose as pets. In other words, they’re not your “typical” pet. They may be of a wild species or come from a foreign country. Exotic pets can be reptiles (lizards, snakes), rodents or mammals (hedgehogs, ferrets, chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters), or even birds (toucans, macaws, cockatoos).

Exotic Pet Care

Like any other pet, exotics thrive with the proper care. If you’ve never owned an exotic pet before, you can learn a lot from your Pittsburgh vet. Your vet can help you determine the right environment, diet, and exercise your exotic needs to stay healthy and happy in your care. We recommend your exotic have annual wellness exams to monitor his health. Our animal hospital can also treat your exotic if he falls sick or develops a medical condition. Here are some basic facts you should know about exotic pet care:

Home Environment Exotics need special environments in order to thrive. The right environment will keep your pet healthy and safe. When choosing an enclosure for your pet, make sure he has ample space for exercise and that his enclosure is secure so he can’t escape. Other factors to consider are temperature, humidity, and lighting, especially for reptiles.

Diet Many exotics have unique dietary needs that need to be met. Any deviation from that diet could have adverse consequences for your pet’s health. Your Pittsburgh veterinarian can help you with your pet’s dietary needs as well as recommend supplements to keep him in optimal health.

Habits/Behaviors Your exotic may have distinct habits or behaviors that may not concur with your lifestyle. Hamsters, for example, are very active at night, which could keep you up if their cage is in your bedroom. Guinea pigs are happiest when paired together, doubling your work in taking care of them. 

Stimulation Exotic pets need daily physical and mental stimulation, just like any other pet. If your pet is kept in an enclosure, make sure it has climbing platforms, tubes, or enrichment toys for him to explore. Your pet will also want personal attention from you, so schedule a time when you can play with him daily.

See Your Pittsburgh Veterinarian for Exotic Pet Care

For quality care for your exotic pet, contact City Vets, your Pittsburgh animal hospital, at 412–483–1700 today.

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