Itchy Skin & Ear Infections

Are you wondering why your pet is always scratching a particular part of their skin or ear? Well, in most cases, this is because of itchy skin or an ear infection. Since it is a common behavior in pets, most people ignore scratching by assuming it is just their norm. Our furry friends can’t tell us what is wrong so they have to resort to scratching their ears to bring some relief. Ear infections are a serious issue and they require the attention of a qualified veterinarian. If you live in or around Pittsburgh, PA, schedule an appointment for your pet at City Vets for quality veterinary care.


Itchy Skin Infections in Pets

The medical term that describes skin itching in pets is pruritus, which mostly results from allergic infections such as dermatitis. The affected areas become red, develop inflammation, and may eventually result in a complication known as pyoderma. It could even cause hair loss, bleeding, or wounds due to excessive scratching.

Causes of Itchy Skin Infections in Pets

The most common cause of a skin infection in pets is an allergy. Pets continuously secrete proteins that get deposited in dead skin, urine, or saliva. When the immune system of the pet reacts abnormally to these proteins, allergic reactions that cause itching may occur. These secretions are different from one breed to another, and some pets will be more prone to allergic reactions over others.

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

Different types of allergies may require assistance from a veterinarian. Some of these allergies include seasonal allergies (atopy), Flea allergy dermatitis, food allergies, and contact dermatitis. Veterinarians usually conduct some tests before administering a treatment. Testing often includes skin scrapings to get the samples for testing, and skin cytology, to inspect the cells and other organisms that may have infected the pet’s skin.

The Causes of Itchy Ear Infections in Pets


Allergens are either inhaled, ingested, or absorbed into the pet’s body through the waxy ears. Some of the allergy-causing organisms thrive in wet or warm conditions. Unfortunately, the ears are an ideal spot for these organisms as well as quite favorable for the growth of yeast infections.

External Parasites

Parasites like ear mites, mange, ticks, and fleas are very common amongst pets because of the conducive environment that pets provide. Although most of them reside in the outer ear, some may penetrate to the inner ear and cause extreme damage.

Consult a Veterinarian for Itchy Skin & Ear Treatment

If your pet has been scratching a bit more than usual or you suspect an ear infection, it’s time to visit a veterinarian. If you live in or around Pittsburgh, PA, and you would like to schedule an appointment at City Vets, call us today at (412) 483-1700. We can address these health issues and provide the veterinary care your furry friend needs to feel better again.

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