Pet Surgery

Our veterinarians at City Vets in Pittsburgh provide care for any type of pet including exotic, cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. We also have an animal hospital with a vet on-site seven days a week and on-call during off-hours. 


Our vets prefer to use a minimally invasive surgery on your pet whenever possible to provide more care and avoid unnecessary complications. This type of procedure is ideal for diagnostics and repair. Our veterinarians have found that the healing process is quicker and more comfortable for pets.

Pet owners need to remember that every surgery comes with risks. There is always a possibility of complications and unfortunate outcomes just as there are with humans. Our veterinarians take every precaution to provide the best healthcare for each pet that visits us.

Spay and Neuters: Female animals are spayed which involves removing the ovaries and uterus so she cannot reproduce. Male animals are neutered which is where the testicles are removed to prevent reproduction. There is a lot to be said for having your pet spayed or neutered. Studies show your pet can live a healthier, longer life.

Biopsies: These are considered a diagnostic test, if your veterinarian suspects your pet has a specific disease or condition, we will take a small sample of the area and examine it under a microscope.

Mass Removals: The purpose of a mass removal from your pet is to remove dangerous or unwanted growths of abnormal tissue. If a biopsy was not done before the removal, one will be done after.

Dental Surgery: Pets have dental problems just like the rest of us. Dental surgery can be as simple as removing a tooth or as complicated as a broken jaw or an oral tumor.

Foreign Body Removal: If your pet swallows something that will not be able to be passed naturally, it will need to be surgically removed. You would be amazed at some of the things animals swallow, pretty much anything they can get in their mouth.

Orthopedic Surgery: If your pet has a broken bone it may need surgery to set it or pins may be needed to keep the bone in place.

At City Vets in Pittsburgh, we provide care for any type of pet including exotic pets, cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Call us today at (412) 483-1700 to make an appointment.

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