Pet Care Services in Pittsburgh

Giving your pet the best care starts with treating a variety of pets. At City Vets in Pittsburgh, we pride ourselves on the range of animals we treat and the services we offer.


We Treat All Pets

If you own a small mammal, reptile, or exotic pet, finding a vet who knows how to treat your animal is not easy. At City Pets, we take care of all pets, including cats, dogs, exotics, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Our director veterinarian, Dr. Moneyhun, has training in caring for all these animals. We also have other veterinarian professionals on staff who can treat cats, dogs, and small animals. Additionally, we can care for all your pet's life stages, from infancy through the senior years.

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams provide the backbone of our practice. All pets need regular exams to gauge their current health and to identify any developing problems. The exact process of our wellness exams depends on your pet's type, age, and current health.

During these exams, if you have any concerns or questions, be sure to address them to our veterinarian. The exam also serves as a time for you to learn from the vet how to best take care of your pet between annual visits to our clinic.  


Sometimes, your pet may require surgery. Some procedures are routine for all animals, such as spaying and neutering. Other surgeries only happen if your pet develops a problem, such as a tumor or intestinal blockage. Just as we can offer wellness care for all pets, we also provide surgery for exotics, cats, dogs, and more.

Dental Care

If your pet's breath is terrible, it could be more than him eating the wrong food. Your pet might have periodontal disease or another problem inside his mouth. Loose teeth, inflamed gums, and abscessed teeth can happen to any pet. Dental care is when the vet looks for and treats these and other issues with your pet's teeth or gums. Regular checkups and cleanings can also keep your pet free from periodontal disease.

Behavior Consultations

Changes in pet behavior often signal a health problem that our veterinarian needs to know about. However, if your pet does not have health concerns causing his behavioral issues, you may need counseling to help him to be more obedient.

Our behavior consultations go into things that you can change and what you can't to influence your pet's actions. Some tactics for disciplining your pet may not work. We can teach you the strategies that do work and what to avoid.

Travel Certificates

Traveling with your pet? Get his vaccines updated and travel certificates for him from our animal hospital in Pittsburgh.

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets require specialized care. Their bodies age much faster than humans', and problems can appear suddenly and quickly worsen. If you have a senior pet, let us know. We offer tailored senior pet care to cater to your companion animal's special needs.


Should your pet need blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds, or other tests, we can run diagnostics in our pet hospital. Our in-house diagnostic equipment let us get results faster for prompt treatment.

Trust Us to Care for Your Pet Throughout His Life

If you need a veterinarian you can trust for your pet's lifetime, connect with us at City Vets. We have a clinic located conveniently in Pittsburgh to treat all the pets in your home. Contact us by phone at (412) 483-1700 to make an appointment or to ask our office staff any questions you may have.

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