Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams in Pittsburgh

Congratulations on your new four-legged family member or exotic pet. You are now ready for a pet wellness exam. Just as babies have exams on a specific schedule, your pet does too. It helps to prevent diseases or to catch them in an early stage, so they can be treated before your furry friend gets sick. At City Vets in Pittsburgh, we love your pets as much as you do and we are happy to serve all of your pet's medical needs with our fully staffed animal hospital. 


What Can I Expect from a Pet Wellness Exam?

It's important to take your new pet for an exam as soon as you can. This allows us to give him or her a thorough checkup and observe the overall health. You will answer questions about your new pet's lifestyle so your veterinarian can determine the best treatment plan to keep your pet healthy. The temperature, pulse, and respiration will be recorded as well as your pet's current weight. Then the vet will do a hands-on head-to-tail exam of the nose, ears, mouth, heart, lungs, and abdomen as well as the musculoskeletal system. You will then be presented with a schedule from your vet to make follow-up appointments to ensure your pet is up to date on vaccinations. It may also list other items if needed. Your pet may have heartworm testing and internal parasite testing and if positive, will be placed on medication to treat the problem.

What Other Things May be Covered in a Wellness Exam?

You can also ask your veterinarian any questions you have including nutritional counseling, behavioral advice and dental care for a healthy and happy pet.

Specific breeds of pets are genetically predisposed to certain health problems that you should be aware of so you can keep an eye out for these red flags from the start and spot any symptoms when they first occur.

Pets generally try to mask when they are not feeling well so it's a good idea that after your pet receives all of his or her shots in the young stages of life to maintain a schedule and have one wellness exam per year.

Trust the Vets Who are Always There for Your Pets

We realize that a pet emergency is never planned, so we have pet care in our animal hospital available when you need it and on your schedule. At City Vets in Pittsburgh, we are open 7 days a week for urgent care and wellness exams as well. We also have a telemedicine virtual pet care phone app, for a virtual consultation without taking your pet into the office for questions about any pet health condition. We also care for all kinds of pets including exotic pets. Call (412) 483-1700 to make an appointment for your new furry friend's wellness exam; we would love to meet your pet.

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