Arthritis In Pets

Just like with people, as pets age they start to develop chronic joint conditions such as arthritis.  While arthritis is commonly a degenerative disease, it can be difficult to diagnose and treat.  Finding a dedicated veterinarian, like ours at City Vets, is the first step in treating a pet’s painful arthritis.  Below, let's take a closer look at arthritis in pets to learn about this mysterious and notoriously difficult condition. 


What Causes Arthritis in Pets?

Typically, arthritis is a degenerative disease that forms in the joints of pets. Over a lifetime of movement, scar tissue can build up in the joints, creating ongoing inflammation.  Pets that already have dysplasia conditions tend to be more prone to developing arthritis at a younger age.  Arthritis will worsen with time, and unfortunately, there is no immediate cure for the condition.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritis in Pets?

Sadly, arthritis can be very hard to detect in animals.  Arthritis can persist for years without even the most attentive pet owner's knowledge.  Usually, pet owners will notice a decrease in activity.  A cat or dog may not be as eager to run or jump.  Pets also tend to move more gingerly or slower than usual when afflicted with arthritis.  

How Can a Veterinarian Help?  

Taking your pet to the veterinarian is the first step in diagnosing a pet’s arthritis.  Most types of arthritis can be easily detected with a simple x-ray to show that a joint is inflamed and degraded.  Once a diagnosis is made, a veterinarian is able to help treat a pet’s arthritis.  There are many supplements and vitamins that can help lubricate an inflamed joint, such as Glucosamine.  In extreme cases, pain medication may be prescribed to help increase movement and reduce pain.   

At City Vets we love pets just as much as you do.  We understand that pets are members of the family and we will do everything in our power to keep your pets safe and healthy.  Unfortunately, aging pets can occasionally develop conditions like arthritis which can be difficult to manage and treat.  If you suspect that your pet has arthritis, contact our veterinarian today to learn about the treatment options available.  Operating in Pittsburgh, PA, our team is dedicated to animal care.  Call our office today at 412-483-1700 to set up an appointment to treat your pet for arthritis.  


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